This privacy policy (“Policy”) applies to all individuals with whom we interact in the course of our business. This happens when you use our website (the “Platform”), if you are a visitor or End User, Customer or prospective Customer who follows our activities, our potential or current business partner, employee, prospective employee, investor(s), supplier(s). When voluntarily using our Platform or creating an account to use our Platform, you become an authorized user (“User”, “You” or “Your”) and shall use our Platform in accordance with our Terms of Use.

This Policy informs You about what information (“Personal Data” or “Personal Information”) we may collect directly or indirectly from You and that we create, store, transfer, share, collect, organise, store, use, return or delete (“Process”), the measures We use to protect your data and how you can exercise your rights.

If you do not agree with this policy, kindly do not access or use our Services or interact with any other aspect of our business(s). 

This Policy does not apply to information collected by any third party, including through any third-party application or content (including advertising) that links to or is accessible from our applications or websites.

Movazi Afrika, and its corporate affiliates (“Movazi Afrika” or “ We”, “Us”, “our”)  are committed to protecting Your privacy and safeguarding Your Personal Data through our compliance with this Policy . We implement various data protection regulations and best practices prevalent in the industry and for protecting Your information and ensuring that You can access and control them at any time. This Policy provides detailed information on how Movazi Afirka collects information, together with the privacy and security practices it implements on the Platform.


If the Use of Your information changes, we will provide you with more information when we are in contact with you, via different modes of communications, example: email. You can check for any updates or amendments to this Policy when You visit the Platform at

Movazi Afrika manages the world’s most comprehensive and intuitive Platform for virtual and hybrid event hosting, wherein the Customer (defined hereunder) of an event can use platform and can connect with the Attendee (defined hereunder) through the platform (“Services”).

If Movazi Afrika is collecting information directly from you, Movazi Afrika acts as the Data Controller (defined hereunder). If Movazi Afrika is receiving information from its Customer, Movazi Afrika acts as a Data Processor (defined hereunder) and shall process data as per the instructions received by the Data Controller.  If you have any questions related to handling of Your Personal Data by Movazi Afrika or to exercise Your rights to privacy You can contact us at

“Account” means the self-service account created by the Customer on Movazi Afrika’s Platform for using the Services.

“Customer Data” means all data submitted, displayed and/ or uploaded by the End User and/or Authorized Administrator(s) and/or the Customer while registering for, accessing, hosting an event, and/ or otherwise using the Site.

“Applicable Data Protection Laws” collectively means all data protection laws and regulations, which includes Tanzania privacy laws, European Union Data Protection Laws, including but not limited to General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and any other laws pertaining to data protection in any territory of the world that may be applicable to the processing of Personal Information (also known as “Personal Data”) under the Privacy Policy. “PDPP” means the Personal Data Protection Plan Act NO 12 of 2022 including amendments and final regulations.

“Customer” or “Data Controllers” or “Data Stewards” means the Organizer that has a service agreement with Movazi Afrika to use/access Movazi Afrika Platform to host virtual events, which term shall include its employees, independent contractors, consultants, Affiliates, successors and assigns using/ accessing the Platform/ Services. They are Responsible for the safe custody, transport, and storage of the data and implementation of business rules. The natural or legal person, public authority, agency, or any other body that alone or jointly with others determines the purposes and means of the processing of Personal Data. Where the purposes and means of processing are determined by national or community laws or regulations, the controller or the specific criteria for the nomination of the controller may be designated by national or community law.

“Customer Personal Data” means any Personal Data that the Customer shares with or permits Movazi Afrika to access, store, host, modify, share, delete and further Process for the performance of the Services, which is processed by Movazi Afrika and /or its Affiliates.

 “End Users” or “Attendees” means the clients and all individuals who shall, from time to time, be attending or participating in the events organized by the Customer via Movazi Afrika Services.

“Data processor” means a person, body corporate or public institution which processes personal data for and on behalf of the data collector under the guidance of the data collector, except persons under the direct control of the data collector, and includes their agents;

“Data collector” means a person, body corporate or a public institution which either alone or in conjunction with another institution determine the purpose and methodology of personal data processing and where such methods have been prescribed by law.

“Recipient” means a person, entity or public institution who receives personal information from the collector;

 “Data subject” means a person whose personal data is being processed in accordance with the Act;

 “Personal data protection officer” means a person appointed by a data collector or processor and given the responsibility to ensure the implementation of obligations specified in the Act;

“Personal data” means information of an identifiable person stored in any form, which includes:

•             personal information concerning the colour, nationality or tribe, religion, age, or marital status of an individual;

•             personal information about education, medical history, crime, or employment;

•             any identification number or mark which identifies a person;

•             address, fingerprint or blood group of an individual;

•             a name of a person which appears on another person’s personal data to whom they are related or where disclosure of such name would reveal personal information; and

•             information which is sent to a personal data collector which is clearly personal or confidential, and a response to such information may reveal the content of a prior information, and the views of any other person about the data subject.

“Sensitive personal data” means:

•             information concerning Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA), children, crime, financial transactions of an individual, security and biometric information;

•             in the case of processed information, personal information which indicates race or tribe, political ideology, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, gender, health data or sexual relationships; and

•             any personal information which is considered to have a significant impact on the rights of the data subject according to the laws of Tanzania; and

“Transfer of personal data abroad” means the transfer of personal data across countries through electronic means or any other means

.“Sub-processor” or “Third-Party Service Provider” means any person natural or legal public authority, agency or body appointed by or on behalf of the Processor, or by or on behalf of an existing Sub-processor, to process Personal Data on behalf of the Controller

“Supervisory Authority” shall have the meaning assigned to it under the GDPR.

“Code of ethics” means the code that sets out the ethics and restrictions on collectors and processors of personal data prepared in accordance with the Act;


When connecting and/or navigating on our Platform, We will collect information about You which will help Us in providing better Services as part of Movazi Afrika business functioning. As a Data Controller, Movazi Afrika collects such data from You for various reasons, such as, product demonstrations, marketing purposes or for job vacancies/ career applications or for other purpose(s) when You provide Your explicit consent for such purpose(s).

Below, is a list of general categories of Personal Information we collect from You :

Types of Personal Data that is collected by Movazi Afrika as Data Controller

Contact information via the “Request for demo” form – First name, last name, business email address, phone number and company name.

Professional information for job vacancies/ career applications – Job title, CVs and resume, educational information, professional qualifications, position, work experience, background checks, professional networks, programs, publications and activities, referrals and other relevant professional information where needed.

Customer person of contact Personal Data – First Name, last name, email address, official address, title, designation, name of organisation, social media credentials, if applicable, payment details, if applicable.

Customer Account Creation – First Name, last name, email address, username or similar identifier, title or designation and name of the organisation, if applicable.

Information technology related data – The information We may collect might originate from Your use of Movazi Afrika’s website and mobile applications, and other connected devices and includes:

• Internet Protocol (IP) address, geolocation data, Your browser, operating systems, device ID.

• Data captured by cookies which may include analytics information and information about the date and time of Your request read our cookies section; or

• Information that We may collect that describes and gives information about other data (“metadata”). This Policy applies to the extent such metadata allows Us to improve user experience. Where required under Applicable Data Protection Laws, We will inform You and ask for Your permission prior to collecting such Personal Information.

De-identified and anonymized information – We may Use Personal information which is anonymized to improve our services.

Integration of Sub-processors/ Third-Party Service Provider(s) – By proceeding with the integration with a Third-Party Service Provider(s), You allow Us to collect Personal Data that is already associated with the Third-Party Service Provider(s). If You choose to provide such information and Personal Data, You are giving Us the permission to Use, share, and store it in a manner consistent with this Policy. We are not liable for any agreements that You have with any Third-Party Service Provider(s).

Transactional/ Payment Details – This includes Personal Data related to payment and other information regarding payments You make available to Us and other details of products and Services You have accessed or used through the Platform or Services. We do not store card details on Our Movazi Afrika servers. Credit and debit card payments are processed by Third-Party Service Provider(s) engaged by Us, including payment aggregators or gateways on their secure payment server and all card details are fully encrypted and stored by them.

Other Transactional/ Payment details collected that are not Personal Data: When using our Services, You may provide Your company bank account details (such as, Account Number, IFSC, UPI ID, Swift Code) these details will only be used if You want to provide offline payment methods, other than those provided to You by Movazi Afrika, to the Event Attendees. Kindly note that these details pertain to Customer’s company transaction/ payment details and not individual event organiser and are not Personal Data under the Applicable Data Protection Laws.

As a Data Processor, Movazi Afrika provides additional tailor-made/ customized service options to Customers that have built-in features in Movazi Afrika Services, Customer can choose to collect the Personal Data of the Attendees who will be attending the events organised by the Customer on our Platform. This collection shall be as per the Customer’s privacy policy.

The Customer may collect the following Personal Data of Attendees:

Types of Personal Data that is collected by Movazi Afrika as Data Processor‍

Attendee account creation – For Attendee account, we provide Facebook and LinkedIn social logins which take user’s e-mail id, first name, last name and profile data of LinkedIn name, e-mail id, contact number. However, these fields are customizable and the Customer may choose to collect Personal Information in addition to the above mentioned ones.

Registration and Ticketing – Name, e-mail id, contact number. However, these fields are customizable and the customer may choose to collect Personal Information in addition to the above mentioned ones.‍

Event website – Event website may contain “Contact Us” section added by the Customer/event organizer. The Personal Information collected by them may include name, e-mail id, phone number, designation and so on, which are totally customizable by the Customer/ event organizer.

The event websites may have an option for the user too opt-in for subscriptions such as newsletters from the event organizer through the ‘Subscribe’ box. By opting in for the services, your e-mail id will be used to send e-mails to you from the event organizer.

Some event websites may also include an embedded registration form where the user’s Personal Information may be asked viz. name, e-mail id, contact number etc. All these fields are customizable by the Customer alone and are depended on their purpose(s) of collecting such categories of Personal Information.

Networking community – While logging into the networking community, the user will have the option to log in through their Facebook and LinkedIn social profiles and only their email id, first name, last name will be taken. Movazi Afrika uses cookies in Event Networking Community. To know more please refer to our Cookie Policy.

‍Also, the Networking Community Platform has a messaging feature, newsfeed and view profiles for which the Personal Information is used. Customer/User may create a new post, share content on the newsfeed which may include text, images and videos on the Networking Community Platform.

Event App – The App may require a login which will also be from social profiles of Facebook and LinkedIn. While installing an App, certain permissions are required such as access to media files, storage, contacts etc. In case you wish to not provide such access, please, select the option “No”. An in-built feature of the Movazi Afrika Service is when an Attendee gets an invite for an event by the Customer, the calendar of the Attendee is also blocked for that particular event, this is to ensure smooth access to the event and to provide constant reminders. The calendar invite will be based on the email id used by the attendee, such as, Google calendar, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc…

As the purpose for collection of the Personal Data, when Customer is the Data Controller, is defined by the Customer, Movazi Afrika merely processes the data, it does not control the data or define the purpose of its collection, thus Movazi Afrika merely acts on the instructions of the Customer for collection of such Personal Data.

In some situations, the Customer may choose to collect sensitive Personal Information about You. When doing so, we apply stronger safeguards to protect Your privacy. This collection shall be as per the Customer’s privacy policy. Any collection of sensitive Personal Data is completely at the discretion of the Customer.


When connecting to our Platform and using our Services, we will collect Personal Information about You, for the following purposes:

Purpose(s) for which We Use Your Personal Data‍

To assist customers with product and service inquiries – We access Your Personal Data Which You have provided to Us through “request a demo” form available on our Platform when You:

• request a demo or subscribe to our solution or agree to receive our newsletters, for upcoming products or to follow us and see our initiatives.

We may have to identify you when you interact with us to respond to your queries and to deal with any inquiries that you may have in the context of a pre-contractual or contractual relationship with us.

Contacting purposes – We collect and Use Personal Data of:

• Business partners: including staff and third parties with whom You collaborate in the context of the services that You provide to Us or in the context of a business relationship and/or partnership.

• Customers: when We keep Your information to manage the contract with You in relation to the product or services your request from Us.

This includes obtaining Personal Information before, during and after We enter into a contract with You, Your organization and Your staff.

Improve our customer service – We Use Personal Information, to improve our customer service. Refer our Cookie Policy

‍Profiling – To better understand our audience and customers, we use certain Personal Information about You, including information that pertains to:

• Your country, such as via your IP address and region

• Your language

• Your e-mail domains

• number of pages visited

• number of e-mails received and when You open it

• Your communications with Us, such as instant messages, phone calls, and e-mails exchanged with Us.

We will only Use aggregate information for this purpose.

In addition to the above-mentioned purposes, we are also collecting Personal Information to provide You with a secure, smooth, efficient, and customized experience on the Platform. We process Your Personal Information and non-Personal Information to create, develop, operate, deliver, and improve the Platform and the Services. We will not collect any additional categories of Personal Information or Use the Personal Information collected by Us for materially different, unrelated, or incompatible purposes without seeking Your express consent.


This is a global Policy and shall apply wherever You reside. In this section, we describe our legal justifications (commonly referred to as “legal basis”) for the Use of Your Personal Information related to each of our main processing activities.

Please note: depending on the country where You reside, the law of Your country may not require that We use a specific legal basis to justify Using Your Personal Information, including transfers of Your Personal Information outside Your country of residence (Example: GDPR). If Your jurisdiction requires consent to Process Your Personal Information when You interact with Us, We will obtain Your consent prior to the Use of such Personal Information.

Below, we explain to You the Movazi Afrika’s legal basis when processing Your Personal Information.

‍Legal basis –  processing activities and purposes for Use of Personal Information

Based on our contract with You – As one of our customers (when You create your account), or business partner We will keep and store Your personal or professional contact details to interact, and provide You with related offers as a customer, and manage the (pre-) contract or Your user account, and for administrative or billing purposes.

Based on Your prior consent (where permitted or required by law upon) –

• We collect information about You when navigating on our sites and other features, when You submit queries or interact with Us

• We Use Your information in the context of a marketing and sales to propose You similar offers or inform You about upcoming products and send newsletters; or for statistics purposes. Depending on Your country of residence, We may have to request Your prior consent for example:

• When subscribing to our newsletters;

• Sharing or disclosing Your Personal Data to Sup-processors outside of Your country of residence in countries that do not provide the same level of protection to Your privacy and data protection as in Your country of residence;

• Using forms, when creating Your user account; or when using cookies or similar technologies. ‍

To comply with Applicable Data Protection laws and other legal statutes- In some limited instances, we may have to keep some limited Personal Information about You longer than needed such as for tax or accounting purposes.


Movazi Afrika will retain Your Personal Data only for as long as is necessary for the purposes set out in this Policy.

For users who have provided their Personal Data to Movazi Afrika on our Platform, we will keep Personal Data We collect about You for as long as necessary for providing the Services via our Platform and to comply with any legal obligations (e.g.: to comply with applicable legal, tax or accounting requirements and for archiving purposes).

Movazi Afrika shall retain the Customer Personal Data for 3 years from the date of termination of the agreement(s) with the Customers solely for repurposing and/or reusing the Customer Personal Data for any future events hosted by the Customer on the Platform. Movazi Afrika shall not use this data for any purpose apart from retaining it for the Customer. Post completion of the above mentioned retention period, Movazi Afrika shall automatically delete all data provided by the Customer from the Movazi Afrika database.

Below you can find details about data retention, legal basis and purpose for each category of Personal Data -Platform User data including name:

• Purpose: To provide and improve the Movazi Afrika Platform and Services.

• Legal basis: Consent (cookies, sending newsletters, for providing demo) and Legitimate Interest (to respond to your queries about Movazi Afrika product and services).

Customer data:

• Purpose: To interact, and provide You with related offers as a Customer, and manage the (pre-) contract or Your user account, and for administrative or billing purposes.

• Legal basis: Contract (to provide products and services for fulfilment, administrative or billing purposes), Legitimate interest of Movazi Afrika and Consent.

Customer data:

• Purpose: As defined by the Customer.

• Legal Basis: Movazi Afrika is the processor and the legal basis is defined by the Customer and Movazi Afrika’s basis for processing any such data is its legal and contractual obligation to its Customer

Data Collection, Use, Disclosure and Retention

The Act directs that personal information be collected where necessary and for a legitimate purpose. To ensure accuracy of information, the Act places a duty on data collectors to take necessary steps to confirm that data collected is complete, correct and consistent with the content for which it was collected. Such steps are necessitated prior to using the collected data.

According to the Act, data collected may only be disclosed under the following circumstances:

Disclosure of information may also be permitted where:

Additionally, data collectors are required to maintain a proper security system dedicated to ensuring that the data collected is not destructed, converted, accessed or processed in any way without authorisation.


Movazi Afrika Employees

Only duly authorized Movazi Afrika employees can access Your Personal Data on a need to know basis.

Disclosure of Personal data to Third-Party Service Providers

In certain limited cases, authorized Third-Party Service Providers outside our organization may access Your Personal Data. These may include:

Third-Party Service Providers who provide Us with their services for the administration of the Platform (such as IT services in the event of a breakdown or for the maintenance of our Platform).

For our internal business purposes that include administering access and Use of our Platform and Services, data analysis, securely identifying Customers upon logging onto an Platform, enhancing or modifying our Services, determining the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, billing for Services, and operating our business.

Other Third-Party Service Providers, such as auditors, data centers or to prevent, detect, mitigate, and investigate fraudulent or illegal activities related to our Services other authorised Third-Party Service Providers only when required by law or by a court decision, to defend legal claims or in case of an investigation by a supervisory authority.

You expressly consent to the disclosure of Your Personal Data to the relevant Third Party Service Providers whose services Movazi Afrika uses for the following in-exhaustive list of services, such as, marketing, analysis, advertisement, contract management, billing, consent management, data subject rights management, cloud service management.

When engaging Third Party Service Providers, we have entered into agreements with them for the processing of Your Personal Data about You so that such processing is carried out in accordance with our instructions, in a confidential, secure, transparent manner, to protect Your privacy rights and comply with the Applicable Data Protection Laws.


Cookies or similar tracking technologies may be used on the site to automatically collect certain information about Your device. We usually do not collect Your Personal Data, however, should it happen, this may include Personal Data as explained in this section. For more details on the cookies We Use, refer to our cookie policy.

Disclaimer – We are not clubbing cookie polices (dashboard and community) in this Policy as its it pertains to a different website.

Where appropriate, You can also read how tracking technologies work on other websites You use by accessing the respective cookie notice.


Where permitted and feasible, and to protect Your right to privacy, Movazi Afrika will take reasonable steps to remove or anonymize information that may directly or indirectly identify You and restrict to the minimum the amount of Personal Information that We Use, submit or transfer to Third-Party Service Providers.


Unsubscribe from our Movazi Afrika Newsletter

You always have the opportunity to easily unsubscribe, at any time, from our marketing communications. You can achieve this by using the “unsubscribe” link in our communications or by contacting Us at or

Withdrawal of consent

Where Movazi Afrika processes Your Personal Data on the basis of consent, You have the right and may choose to withdraw Your consent at any point in time. Kindly notify Movazi Afrika of such withdrawal by communicating to Us at or

In case You do not wish to provide Your consent or later withdraw Your consent, We request You not to access the Platform and use our Services and We also reserve the right to not provide You any Services or information on the Platform. On such instances wherein You have withdrawn Your consent, Movazi Afrika may delete Your information (personal or otherwise) or de-identify it so that it is anonymous and not attributable to You (except to the extent, as detailed in ” LEGAL BASIS FOR PROCESSING YOUR INFORMATION” of this Policy).

Wherever Movazi Afrika acts as Data Processor, it merely processes Personal Data under the direction of the Customers and has no direct control or ownership of the Personal Data We Process.

It is the responsibility of the Customers for complying with any regulations or laws requiring notice, disclosure or obtaining consent prior to transferring the data to Movazi Afrika for further processing purposes. Attendee’s of an event that seeks to access, correct or delete data, should direct their request to the Customer. If the Customer requests Movazi Afrika to delete, rectify or access the Personal Data of an Attendee to comply with Applicable Data Protection Laws, Movazi Afrika will process this request within the required time frame under the Applicable Data Protection Laws.

Kindly note that Movazi Afrika will not process a Data Subject request to change information that may cause the information to be incorrect, fraudulent, misrepresented or violates any law of land or legal statute. In such instances, we will inform the Customer about the legal obligations that prevent Us from fulfilling the request.


We implement appropriate technical and organizational controls to protect Your Personal Data that We hold to prevent unauthorized Processing, loss of data, disclosure, use, alteration, or destruction.  Where appropriate, We may Use protective techniques such as encryption, anonymization, pseudonymisation, de-identification and other technologies that can assist Us in securing the information about You, including measures to restore access to Your Personal Information. We also ensure that our Third-Party Service Providers comply with reasonable and recognized data privacy, confidentiality, integrity, availability and security requirements.

We conduct tests and reviews of our technologies and processes, including a review of our business partners and vendors, so that our security controls remain effective. Also, when not needed anymore, We will further anonymize Your Personal Data or delete it when it is no longer needed for the purpose for which We originally collected such Personal Information from You.

‍Security measures taken by Movazi Afrika to protect Your Personal Information

‍We have configured our systems to apply industry standard information security measures and used recognized security framework to protect Your Personal Information. We have all the appropriate technical and organizational security measures to prevent any kind of loss, destruction, unauthorized access or use of, systems, software, or Personal Data. Unauthorized changes to systems, software, or Personal Data. In addition to this, we also monitor and strictly restrict the access of Your Personal Data to only employees, contractors and other Third-Party Service Providers who have a business need to know.

Where We Use Third-Party Service Providers to help us with information security measures, they have committed to comply with strict security, data protection requirements and privacy requirements that are not just best practices in the industry but to comply with Applicable Data Protection Laws to ensure maximum confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Your Personal Data.


Data Transfer

The Act does not prohibit the transfer of personal data to other jurisdictions, provided that such jurisdictions have a reliable legal system for the protection of personal data, and the said transfer is necessary for a legitimate or public interest. Please note that the Commission may restrict transfer of personal data to other countries in accordance with the Act. In some instances, personal data may be transferred to a receiving country with no specific legal protection on personal data but has guaranteed protection of such data.


Links to other websites

Our Service may contain links to other sites that are not operated by Us. If You click on a third-party link, You will be directed to that third party’s site. We strongly advise You to review the privacy policy of every website You visit. We have no control over and assume no responsibility for the content, privacy policy or practices of any third party sites or services.

Children’s Privacy

Our Service does not address anyone under the age of 18 (“Children“). We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from anyone under the age of 18 on a voluntary basis. If You are a parent or guardian and You are aware that Your child has provided Us with Personal Information, please contact Us. If We become aware that We have collected Personal Information from children without verification of parental, judicial or guardian’s consent, We take steps to remove that information from our data servers.

Rights of Data Subject

As a guarantee to the protection of personal data, the Act vests the following rights upon a data subject:

All Personal Information that is collected from You is in accordance with this Policy, including the Use of different categories of Your Personal data that has been collected from You, the disclosure of Your Personal Information is as per this Policy. 


We may update this Policy from time to time. You are advised to review the updated Policy periodically for any changes. Changes to this Policy are effective when they are posted on this page and any modifications can be ascertained by referring to the date that is displayed at the top of the page marked as, “Last updated”.


We provide easily accessible information via our Platform or on request. If You have any questions or requests related to this Policy or Your Personal Information, please contact us at the following contact details –

Movazi Afrika Technologies Inc.

‍Mpakani A Kijitonyama, Dar es Salaam