Privacy Policy

Movazi Afrika PRIVACY POLICY This privacy policy (“Policy”) applies to all individuals with whom we interact in the course of our business. This happens when you use our website (the “Platform”), if you are a visitor or End User, Customer or prospective Customer who follows our activities, our potential or current business partner, employee, prospective […]

Terms of service

Movazi Afrika Terms of Service General information Movazi Enterprise Limited​​ and its affiliates​​ (“Movazi Afrika”, “we”, “us” or “our”)​​ is​​ a company incorporated and registered in Movazi Enterprise Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), a Tanzanian corporation with registered offices at Kijitonyama Ward, Mpakani ‘A’ Lutheran House, 6th Floor, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Movazi […]

Why Virtual Events Will Be Big in 2022

These days, you can find virtual events no matter what device and platform you use. Data shows that the future heavily involves remote participation. Here are the key developments in the digital event landscape that show how virtual events will only get bigger in 2022. Live Streaming Virtual Events Is On The Rise Live streaming […]

Tanzania Energy Congress

Tanzania Energy Congress, [3 – 4 August, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania] the student poster competition exists to provide Tanzanian University and College students the unique opportunity to showcase and display their visionary industry innovations in visual form. Submitted posters will be evaluated by the Congress Committee, where one winner and two runners up will be […]